Moda Hotel Mural Install Remi Rough, Joker, Sueme, and Augustine Kofie | March 6, 2011 | review link

As we posted previously Remi Rough , Augustine Kofie, Scott Sueme, and Joker would be installing a mural. They finished there Mural Install at the Moda Hotel in Vancouver as part of their Unintended Calculations Show at Becker Galleries. Monumental in Size the 4 man team was able to tackle the walls in a 3 day period leading up to the opening. Indigo the curator of the install and event couldn’t have picked anyone else that would have complimented each others work so well. Thank to Aaron Smedley for the beautiful photographs as he was able to document the install. Also thanks again to GetGrounded TV for the video shot day one of the install. We hope to have some of the pictures from the opening of the show in the next couple days.

> View Unintended Calculations images and video here


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