International Artists Join Us at Moda Hotel

On behalf of the entire Moda Hotel Vancouver team, order we are ecstatic to welcome Tobi and Andy Fraser to Moda this weekend. These talented artists are coming to Vancouver during their national tour to raise awareness for the well respected cause, cure “Artists Support Japan.” We welcome the entire Mctrax group to Vancouver! Join us to support this cause and to meet the artists!

Mega hit songwriter Andy Fraser, information pills along with Mctrax recording artist Tobi as they embark on a National Tour to raise awareness for “Artists Support Japan

Monday June 27, 2001
3:00 PM – 5:00 PM

MODA Hotel
900 Seymour Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 3L9

In Uva Wine Bar

“I am honored to be asked to contribute to Artists Support Japan who I believe will keep fundraising and supporting the Japanese people long after the event has disappeared from our news headlines.”

After Mctrax recording artist TOBI made this statement having contributed the song and video “There’s Always Hope,” Mctrax CEO bassist and mega-hit songwriter Andy Fraser made it official that they intended to further support the “Artist Support Japan” cause by taking the message on a US/ Canadian promotional awareness tour.

“Both Tobi and I are honored, ready and willing to do our part, Fraser states “there are so many other things that keep us distracted, the world needs reminding.”

The Artist’s Support Japan website gives celebrity musicians of all genres the opportunity to contribute improvisational material for their fans. The first artist to post material to the website was the Tom Hollister Trio, and has since received contributions from a wide variety of such celebrity musicians as Glenn Hughes, Ron Sexsmith, Paul Rodgers, Rosanne Cash, George Winston and LA Guns, among others. “We’ve got 60 videos on Artists Support Japan yet Andy and Tobi have been able to create something that is unique, magical and a video that particularly appeals to younger Japanese people” states co-founder Graham Thomas. “Their message is imbued with sympathy but is uplifting and full of hope; it goes without saying that the song “There’s Always Hope” is beautiful and masterful.”

For more information please go to the following:
Andy and Tobi contribute “There’s Always Hope”

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Artists Support Japan” originated from former Satchi and Satchi CEO Graham Thomas and former Guns ‘n Roses manager Alan Niven and his partner Heather. The idea was to find a way to utilize the Internet in order to bring more awareness to the Japan tragedy. “Together we formulated the idea of a site where artists could post both messages and music in support of those in need,” states Niven. “The response has been amazing, and we thank all those who have contributed from the bottom of our hearts.”

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