Restoration of these Historic Vancouver Accommodations


We value our connection to a historical Vancouver while embracing a changing one.

Through our dynamic restoration process, this Moda Hotel Vancouver is still glowing brilliantly, a century later. Inspired by an ever-growing transformative Vancouver landscape, Moda Hotel Vancouver uniquely captures the essence of an evolving Vancouver through design and style—where 1908 historical permanence meets transformative creativity.

A historically-infused ground floor

Fusing contemporary design and progressive style with its original building structure, the design concept behind Moda Hotel Vancouver is unlike any other building in Vancouver. This Vancouver hotel possesses its original architecture, structure and construction which have been upgraded to today’s standards and beautifully wrapped in urban-chic décor.

Highlighted in the lobby, you’ll find the original 100-year old exposed mosaic tile floors, restored crown mouldings and elegant wall mouldings. Throughout the building, you will discover other historical elements such as 80 yr. old hardwood floors in select rooms, and even the exterior cornice moulding and brick façade is original for all of Vancouver to enjoy. We have also kept Moda Hotel Vancouver’s grandfather elevator in good working condition for guests to experience – a step back in time. In and throughout Moda Hotel Vancouver, you’ll also find an elegant yet informal melange of marble and slate textures, as well as the original piping visible for a modern twist.

Moda Hotel Vancouver’s establishments, Uva Wine & Cocktail Bar, Cibo Trattoria and Red Card Sports Bar, also include some original structure elements such as the 200-year old Douglas fir tree beams and walls, exposed brick walls and 100-year old exposed tile or terrazzo flooring to compliment the chic interior design.

Modernly-chic rooms

With red accents and a range of neutrals and moody grey, Moda Hotel Vancouver has 67 guestrooms and suites that have been refurbished with a modern contemporary influence. View guestrooms and suites.

Progressively-stylish exteriors

Pushing the boundaries with artistic style and flair is something Moda Hotel Vancouver embraces. With great passion for the arts and cultural scene, Moda Hotel Vancouver commissioned four internationally renown artists to paint two collaborative murals on its exterior walls in March 2011. Curated by Indigo, Unintended Calculations (the name for the mural project and following gallery exhibition at Becker Galleries on Granville Island) united four very different approaches to the art form, Abstraction, by bringing together these diverse and unique artists. From Los Angeles, Augustine Kofie creates architecturally inspired works in his signature Vintage Futurism style, while Portland native Jerry Inscoe is influenced by Deconstructivist architecture. From London, Remi /Rough balances freedom and restraint in his antiform style, while Vancouverite Scott Sueme’s mixed-media paintings demonstrate energetic movement. Bringing this calibre of individual artists together to work collaboratively was unheard of and revolutionary in the graffiti culture. Setting new heights for innovative street art expression in Vancouver, Moda Hotel Vancouver has brought vibrancy to the streets of Seymour and Smithe and has proudly worked to share this arts project and experience with the community. View the murals.

Historically-connected and ultra-modern, experience Moda Hotel Vancouver for a truly memorable experience.