Moda Hotel and the History of Vancouver BC



With over a century of time under its belt, Moda Hotel Vancouver is a one of Vancouver’s few heritage hotels remaining in downtown Vancouver.

Once upon a long time ago, this Vancouver heritage building was envisioned in 1899 by two respected Vancouver businessmen: Architect John Edmeston Parr and a Speculative Developer Thomas Arthur Fee. These well-acclaimed Vancouverites also built other landmark historical Vancouver buildings such as the Vancouver Block, this Hotel Europe, Dunsmuir Hotel, and one of Vancouver’s first large apartment blocks, the Manhattan Apartments.

The heritage building was finally completed in 1908 and became known as the Dufferin Hotel—prestigiously named after Lord Dufferin (1826-1902), a former Governor General of Canada.

Over the century, the hotel evolved and its concept changed. It underwent renovations—where the original crown moldings and façade of the building were covered and hidden under new walls and design. Once shining with sheer brilliance and pride, near the end of the 20th century, the Dufferin Hotel had lost its lack-lustre until a new vision for the heritage building enveloped.

Moda Hotel Vancouver’s owner, a self-made Italian entrepreneur and Vancouver real-estate developer envisioned a better future for the property—something Italian-inspired with elements of fresh design and style, but still connected to its historical roots; something unique to Vancouver – something people from all the world could enjoy. And so, the restoration process began.